The Construction Management Department deals with technical consulting, quality assurance and supervision, specialist supervision of welding and testing and expert supervision in accordance with the Construction Act during production, preparation and execution of construction, i.e. reconstruction and renovation of power and process plants, gas pipelines, steam lines, hot water pipelines.

  • Complete expert and billing supervision according to the Construction Act
  • Quality control in production / construction / reconstruction of mechanical and electrical engineering /I&C equipment
  • Specialist supervision of welding and non-destructive testing in production / construction / reconstruction
  • Quality assurance before and during production process
  • Quality assurance activities:
    • Internal audits of processes and of organizational units
    • External audits of supplier quality management systems
    • Evaluation and quality control of approved suppliers
    • Review, development, approval and supervision of modifications
    • Quality control and participation in overhauling activities
  • Consulting services to the client in terms of technical consulting in preparation and management of construction activities (from problem and cause detection, through solution proposals, consulting on selection of contractors, construction planning and monitoring of a facility, construction management, testing presence and validation, commissioning, technical inspection, obtaining operating permit to handover of the works)
  • Consulting services to contractors in terms of technical consultancy, technology and other technical documentation development, i.e. hiring expert staff;
  • Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator (Occupational Health and Safety Report, Work Execution Plan…)
  • Consulting services of the department combined with activities carried out by other EKONERG’s departments
  • Other similar services according to client’s requirements
  • Tendering management:
    • Creating Tender Documents in accordance with EU, EBRD, Public Procurement Rules, FIDIC or similar Rules for public and private buyers
    • Analyze bids and consultancy in selection of a design engineer, supervisor, contractor, supplier, ...
    • Analyzing input data, making and / or consulting on creating an optimal service contract and / or works (service contract, construction contract, FIDIC, EPC, "turnkey", public procurement, etc.)
  • Organization and consultancy in use of facility

Our references

Facilities related to departmental services and on which the Department mainly carries out its activities:

  • Thermal power plants (including nuclear ones)
  • Pipelines (gas pipelines, hot – water lines, steam lines ...)
  • Production plants of various equipment manufacturers
  • Other individual equipment and elements of power and process plants and facilities

Clients are mainly businesses from energy or energy-related sectors. Those businesses have the need for consulting services that they cannot perform on their own, or such services are currently beyond their abilities, capabilities and knowledge, i.e. they require an increased scope of services that need to be carried out within a strictly controlled and limited period, or in predefined locations.

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